Jul 30th What is news after update/upgrade?

Hello To All,   As you all know we started migration process but it did not end successfully because the load balancing servers' OS were obsolete. So we have to upgrade their OS 1-by-1 to be able to migrate. There are more than 60 servers to be upgraded so the next migration process will start on Monday. We hope this time it will be done ... Read More »

Jul 18th What is news after update/upgrade?

What is news after update/upgrade?Higher security including:- There will be no more line hacks- Lines won't be leaked anymore- No more hacks for MAG boxesEach user/reseller can have his/her own special bouquetEach user/reseller can rename streamsEach user/reseller can sort streams based on their own preferenceAnd many more options which we will ... Read More »