Aug 20th Required ISP settings to prevent blocks for UK clients

These are the settings required by UK clients to prevent blocking or throttling by their internet providers BTDisable SMART SETUP and PARENTAL CONTROLS for BT Broadband SkyFor Sky you will need to login to your Sky Broadband account and in there you will need to disable your Sky Broadband Shield. EEEE Broadband users will need to ... Read More »

Nov 15th Pay your invoice by cryptocurrencies easier

Hello, Right now, due to the many problems that exist in PayPal payments, the best and easiest way to pay us is cryptocurrency. We strongly recommend that you pay with Litecoin (LTC) at a low transaction cost. You can pay with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tron or ... Here we teach you how to buy and send Litecoin: 1- Go to ... Read More »