Required ISP settings to prevent blocks for UK clients

These are the settings required by UK clients to prevent blocking or throttling by their internet providers BTDisable SMART SETUP and PARENTAL CONTROLS for BT Broadband SkyFor Sky you will need to login to your Sky Broadband account and in there you will need to disable your Sky Broadband Shield. EEEE Broadband users will need to ... Read More »

20th Aug 2021
Pay your invoice by cryptocurrencies easier

Hello, Right now, due to the many problems that exist in PayPal payments, the best and easiest way to pay us is cryptocurrency. We strongly recommend that you pay with Litecoin (LTC) at a low transaction cost. You can pay with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tron or ... Here we teach you how to buy and send Litecoin: 1- Go to ... Read More »

15th Nov 2020
How to Buy Crypto Instantly: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hello, As you know PayPal does not support IPTV payments and sometimes we can not accept PayPal payments. But there is a better payment gateway to pay and get your subscription. You can pay by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or ... It is so simple and secure. Go to  and : 1- Choose BUY in the first ... Read More »

26th May 2020
Purchase cryptocurrencies via card

Purchase cryptocurrencies via card In this guide, we are going to show you how to purchase cryptocurrencies via your credit cardor debit card by using Changelly. ( ) Step 1: The first step, go to the main page and choose USD or Euros on the left side and the cryptocurrency that you want to purchase on the right side. Step ... Read More »

23rd May 2020
Connectivity - Everyone please read

Please be aware that the internet in many areas which are affected by Corona virus is under a great deal of pressure due to the increase in the numbers of people at home - One of the ways in which ISPs reduce this pressure is to throttle connections.ISPs can only do this if they can "see" that those streaming IPTV are their customers and what they ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020
MAG Device Users :

As you all probably know, many accounts with mac address on it been "hacked" last few weeks, this is because anyone can "guess" a mac address and see if it works using STB EMU app and then get easy the m3u details. For this reason we had to take an action and increase security on mac accounts.  Mac address accounts can only be used by portal, ... Read More »

21st Feb 2020